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Galdriel would like to thank you for selecting the druid's guild for your guild. Even though Galadriel would love to be there with you day after day to help you along, however much help you need, that would be too much even for a goddess such as her. So I have made this little list for you to let you know those who are willing to help you in her stead.

The list is made up of those who have pledged to help no matter what they are doing on their own behalf. If you see one of them online while you are there, and you feel you need to ask a question, please feel free to ask one of these fine druids to give you a hand. They all have a lot of knowledge about the guild and about the Midnight Sun in general.

You could not ask for a more generous bunch :-) And if you want to send your own special Galadriel a bunch of virtual flowers for free... Phillip's1-800-FLORALS
Phillip's 1-800-FLORALS