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Guilds are one of the most interesting experiences for adventurers
under the Midnight Sun. Much of the power in Midnight Sun emanates
from the magic of the gods. As a member of a guild, you will have
the benefit of certain powers your god bestows upon you.

Newbies may try out any of the guilds at no cost. They may try one
then change to another if they prefer. Once a player reaches level
4 they will lose experience if they decide to change guilds. The
experience they lose will be equivalent to approximately one stat.

When choosing a guild remember that the balance of powers are equal.
Since the gods have been endowed with powers over certain spheres,
you will find that each guild has a special set of powers that
the other guilds won't have. In the overall picture, these powers
are all balanced so no guild will have any special advantages over

The guilds are as follows:


Druid's guild

The druid guild was created in 1992 by Galadriel, the Goddess of Light
and Tranquility, as the first guild under the midnight sun.

Druids are the historical priests of the Celtic people, and their simple
lives keep them close to nature. In honour of the Celtic Gods, the early
druids built monuments and huge buildings of rough hewn rock and lumber.
Their buildings were constructed of a number of poled circles, each inside
the next. The hierarchy of the druids is based upon those circles, which
also are thought of as the circles of life.

Their love of nature allows the druids to call upon companions from the
wilderness to assist them as needed during combat or exploration.  Druids
can summon fireflies to bring light to dark places.  The druids' hawks can
help carry objects, sell items or deliver things to the druid keep in
the old oak, and they also report on the health of an opponent.  The
druidic magic also centers around nature and their god, Silvanus.

Druids depend heavily on wisdom and neutrality to cast their spells.
The greater wisdom a druid has, the longer and more powerful spells he
can cast.  A druid must strive to maintain the neutrality.  Good or Evil
druids will find their spells to be less powerful, and Silvanus will
only protect those who are neutral.

The druids are a very friendly and talkative clan who have many forms of
communication.  They talk with one another by sending sounds over a
rift in space and by speaking in foreign tongues.  They play songs on
their lyres, and they also enjoy tales of lore and myth, as their
guild is very rich in history.

The Circle of the Druids under the Midnight Sun can be found in the
forest of Llorien, in the realms of Lady Galadriel.  If you wish to
become a druid, you must speak with someone who is already a member of
the clan and ask them to enroll you.

Lycanthrope's guild

The origin of the Lycanthropes is unknown to men but rumor
has it that lycanthropy originates from a single man who searched
the dark boundaries of life and death and caught the disease.
Before he could control the disease he infected many men and
women and so the lycanthropy was spread.
Nowadays Lycanthropes can't infect other non-lycanthropes but
there are other ways to get the disease.

Lycanthropy is a strange disease both demanding and rewarding.
Those who master the powers given by this disease and are able to
control the half beast, half human form of life will surely
be rewarded but for those who fail the torment of the disease
will be long and painful.

Lycanthropes have no demands on alignment, good or evil makes
no difference, but most of them are, or strive towards evil searching
power in the dark borders of life.

Lycanthrope's prime requisites are bodily strength for their
powerful beast attack powers and they also need a strong constitution
for controlling their dark disease.

The Lycanthropes have their dark halls in the back alleys of
barovia where they lure unwary travelers into their nightly
parties from which no one but Lycanthropes lived to tell the tale.

Priest's guild

This is the second guild that saw the light under the ever-shining sun of
our beautiful and challenging realm.

Certain men, and women, noticed that the power of evil was increasing,
thus was spawned the first seed of the brotherhood of Lathander.
For it is said in the holy book of Lathander, that to strive for good
is what keeps mankind separated from the beasts.

One beautiful morning, Lathander (who is also called the Morning lord)
appeared before a man who had committed himself to battle evil.
Lathander spoke to the man, and invested upon him the powers of the
Morning lord, thus awoke the first priest of Lathander.

Lathander also set certain rules regarding his worshipers, these rules
were (and still are); A priest of Lathander must always strive for good.
His prime requisite shall be wisdom. Wisdom to choose his ways wisely, aid the needy, and slay those that oppose goodness.

A worthy priest will be granted more powers than a priest that has strayed
from the true path of his faith.

The first priest of Lathander quickly gained followers. These followers
saw the righteousness of the ways of Lathander. They too became priests
under the watchful eyes of Lathander. Quickly increased the numbers of
the Lathanderites, and so the power of evil diminished, and the power of
good was greatly increased.

The first priests saw fit to invest a temple, dedicated to their beliefs.
This temple arose in Everlund, and has grown both in beauty and power, ever
since. This temple is still located in Everlund, and is the center of the
priests of Lathander.

It is known to the priests, that certain priests were tempted by evil, and
that these priests so greatly affronted Lathander, that they were instantly
banished from the guild.
However, Lathander is a benign deity, and has granted access again to those
priests that were banished, but that has changed their ways towards goodness
once again.

When a priest of Lathander strays from his chosen path, he will notice this
by not being granted certain spells from Lathander.

Today, the power of evil has once more grown. Therefore the priests of
Lathander is striving to increase their power by accepting new members to
their guild.

If you feel that evil should always be struck down, then this is the guild
for you.

I welcome you.

/Yuric the High Morning lord of Lathander.

Monk's guild

  Monks' order was created in the early days of the Realms by a man called
Zothen, a devoted worshipper of Crom. A set of concentration-improving
techniques, combined with some body exercises, was during centuries developed
by guild masters into a dangerous martial art. Monks became known as fighters
and from Zothen's spiritual heritage only basic principles were saved:
devotion to Crom and the True Path, forbidding the monks to be nasty or worse.
  Monks are primarily experts for unarmed combat. When using their martial
arts, concentrating costs them some mental power. The most important stat for
monks is dexterity. In addition, they can improve their combat efficiency by
training certain special guild skills. Skill raising costs a lot of money, but
is optional. Various practical skills are taught in the monastery too.
  Higher level monks are able to master a kind of priest-like spells.


Primary stat: Dexterity
Guild deity: Crom                               Alignment: neutral or better
Combat powers: martial arts (attacks, parries)
Other powers : practical powers (e.g. checking weapon quality),
                         spells (e.g. calling a companion)
Significance of...
...level : major - the higher level, the more and better powers available
...alignment: great - without True Path, most of the powers are likely to fail
...skills : considerable - a monk with untrained skills is weaker, with
            maximum skills stronger than a member of another guild with same
...stats: dexterity improves attack, dexterity and constitution affect parries

Guild residence: Monastery, west of Kurly village (northern part of the Realms)

Sorcerer's guild

This guild is not as old as the druids guild, but its powers are
as old as Midnight-sun. By molding and shaping the weave of essence in
Midnight-sun a sorcerer can invoke various spells and powers.

Sorcerers do not strive for good, neutrality or evil. These are values
that priests and druids may argue about. A sorcerer does instead seek to
gain more influence of the weave of essence. How this is obtained is of
no importance.

The magic of Midnight-sun must be preserved and maintained. This is the
duty of a sorcerer.

Mighty magic was invoked when a great tower appeared overnight in the
village of Everlund. This tower of sorcery is the guild of sorcerers
and a point of focus for the weave of essence.
The martial powers of a sorcerer have suffered from the extensive magical
training a sorcerer must endure. Thus it is impossible to use two-handed
weapon and shields while spells are invoked. A helmet will also prevent
a sorcerer from invoking and molding the weave of essence. This is
compensated by the mighty powers a sorcerer can invoke. One exception
to this is the staff which can be used while invoking spells.

Those who seek to preserve magic and gain magical powers have found the
right guild.

May the weave of essence flow strong.

/Yggwilv the mistress of essence and much more.

Adventurer's guild

A player that has not joined any particular guild, counts as
an adventurer. By trying to join a guild, the player may get
more abilities if he/she succeed.