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Rick Allen &the Upsetters 

This page is dedicated to five truly talented musicians who came together to form "Rick Allen & the Upsetters"

"We don't dress up, and we don't turn down!"

I first heard Rick Allen on WYSP[A major radio station in Philadelphia] he was the overnight DJ and he had a show he called "The Ricky Mess" I liked to listen to this program as it was a strange collection of R&B and classic rock from the 60's and 70's he also threw in some blues from the 40's and 50's to show the progression of the art form from it's humble beginning's.

It was shortly after that that Roy Fisher, a band member from 1987, came to work at Rosemont College. He is the Bass player for the band and a good friend. I came out to see a show or two at the old Barn night club in Bensalem, I had no idea that I would be hearing one of the greatest Rock & Roll bands I had ever heard in my life that night, but I did. Mr. Allen's voice electrified the crowd, shook the stage, and sent shivers down the spine of my date (I never had a more satisfying date) she said he moved her.

I have since heard them perform on many other nights in many other venue's and I have to say they get better with every show. They have the ability to take a standard or classic song and somehow make it their's. I can not explain what they do exactly, suffice it to say they are one of the best bands I have ever seen live in my life. I have seen many bands with little to offer, this band is a refreshing change from that.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and I hope to have the song list for you very soon, they will be playing around the Philly area so if you're there, check em out. I will post their upcoming dates as soon as I can, look for the dates here at band news link.


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